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Odds and Ends

I just read this post over on Writer Unboxed about Creative Personalities, and it kind of knocked me on my ass. That was me–I mean, nearly every word of it–growing up. A lot of it is me today. I read the piece, and the linked list of Traits of Highly Creative Adults somewhat skeptically. I know I’m a very creative person, but I didn’t expect any single list to hit so many of my personality traits so thoroughly. I would have benefited from a list like this growing up.

Next up, Patti Abbott has a couple new How I Came To Write This Story posts from some of our co-conspirators on Criminal Element’s The Malfeasance Occasional: Girl Trouble issue that are worth checking out. Milo James Fowler here, and Eric Cline here.

Seems like there was a third thingie I was going to post, but, ummmm, can’t remember now.


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